Wasabi Peas!

While Mom and Dad were out shopping today, somebody jumped up on the kitchen counter and stole a new container of Wasabi peas. They were scattered all over the sofa when they came home, and quite a few were missing. We all denied any wrongdoing, but Mom says she’ll find out tomorrow who the culprit is. Hmmmm, I wonder what she means by that!


Random Photos

Does this photo make my nose look big?

Is this Wrong?

My good friend Peggy Sue did a little redecorating while her Mom was at work.  What do you think?

My Story

Hi Everyone.  My name is Abner, and I am the humane education dog for the Humane Society of Pulaski County, a no-kill shelter in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have visited with nearly 3,000 children in the central Arkansas area, teaching compassion for all living things.  I talk about what we do at our shelter and why we have so many unwanted animals.  Most of the children have pets of their own so I remind them how important it is to take good care of them.   One of the fun things I do is to ask the children what type of dog I am.   So far, I am a collie, basset, beagle, daschund, Australian shepherd, and corgi.  I am very unique.  I have short stumpy legs and a long body so lots of kids can pet me all at once!  I will add some more photos of where I’ve been later.  I am going to Fulbright Elementary on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to that.  Talk to you later!


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