My Visit to Franklin Elementary

I had a great time today talking to all the children at Franklin Elementary School!  There was  a police dog there too, and he was a sniffer.  His job was to sniff out gasoline, and his partner did a demonstration.  He put lots of rags around, but only one had a little bit of gas on it.  Then the police dog sniffed all the rags.  When he found the rag with the gas on it, he went very still.  He wouldn’t move no matter what the officer did.  It was cool!!  When it was my turn to talk, I asked the children what other sorts of jobs dogs have.  They had some great ideas such as guide dogs and firehouse dogs.  One little girl said that dogs help soldiers in the military too.  I asked them if they watched the news about the tornado in Joplin, and if they had noticed all the dogs.  I told them that the dogs could sniff out people under all that rubble so that they could be rescued.  Then I told them the story about the little girl who was very allergic to peanuts and couldn’t leave her house or go to school because she would die if she came even close to a peanut.  She got a special dog whose job was to sniff peanuts, and he would bark and warn the little girl if there were any peanuts in the area.  Now she can go to school and go shopping because she knows her dog will protect her.  Isn’t that cool?  I bet you didn’t know we were so smart!  Here’s some pictures of me and the kids.  One of the teachers said I was gorgeous!

My next gig is at Christ the King Day Camp on June 21st.  Talk to you later!

Your friend,



My Visit to Arkansas Baptist Elementary School


 Have you missed me?  I bet you thought I got blown away or floated away in a row boat!  It’s been a slow couple of months because my little sister, Ms. Ellie, hurt her neck and Mom had to carry her everywhere for a while.  She had to stay in a cage (Ms.Ellie, not Mom) and was only allowed out to go to the potty.  Mom or Dad had to carry her down the stairs outside, then carry her back up again.  She got peanut butter three times a day, and I think that’s what made her well ‘cos she’s all better now.  Ms. Ellie is a senior dachshund and the vet says they have back and neck problems a lot.

Anyway, I’m back on my tour again, and today I went to Arkansas Baptist Elementary School in Little Rock.  I had a great time!  The kids collected some goodies for me to take to the shelter for my homeless friends.  These were first graders so we talked a lot about how to be safe around animals, especially dogs you don’t know.  There were lots of questions and interesting stories too.  Here’s some photos:

I love an ear scratch!


Look at me Mom!

 Where in the World is Abner?

 Later this month, I’m going to Franklin Elementary so I’ll talk to you later.  Got to go take a nap!!

Your friend,


My Visit to Roberts Elementary School

Here’s the photos I promised. This is me visiting with the pre K children at Roberts Elementary School in Little Rock. They are learning all about pet care, so I told them how important it is to make sure pets are kept happy and healthy, like me. We talked about keeping warm (it was 11F this morning!!), good food, water that isn’t frozen, and lots of love and attention. As you can see, I got plenty of love and attention!

I’ve got another school visit next week and will keep you updated.



I’m So Excited!

I'm so excited!!!

I’m going to Roberts Elementary School tomorrow to teach some kiddies about pet care. I’m so happy! I like people but I LOVE the short ones. They smell so good–like crayons, paste, and poptarts. I’ll take some photos!!!



Henderson Middle School

Just Chillin'

Mom was invited to Henderson Middle School in Little Rock last night to see a presentation that was put together by students involved in the East (Environmental and Spacial Technology) Initiative.  This is a nonprofit organization that provides new ways of learning for modern students, and they do wonderful things for the community.  They help with blood drives, provide baby items for Promise House, socks for patients in the VA, clothes for the homeless, etc.  They are also helping the Humane Society of Pulaski County by having a blanket drive and collecting Pedigree dog food.  Mom said they were a great bunch of kids and asked her lots of questions about HSPC, and lots of them wanted to know about volunteering at the shelter.  They got very excited when they found out we have horses for adoption too!  Check out this link and find out more about the EAST project and all the wonderful things that they do!!

Youth Home!


Waiting for my first customer!


Visiting the nice lady at the hospice booth!

Belly rubs are the BEST!!

Today I went to the Youth Home to visit with the staff. They were having their annual Health and Wellness Fair, and this was my second visit ‘cos they liked me so much last time. There were lots of different booths there–firefighters, the Game and Fish Commission, yoga

experts, UALR–all sorts of good things to learn about. I was there with my Humane Education poster and lots of info on HSPC and how to take care of animals. There were lots of nice people who came to see me and told me that they adopted their furry friend from HSPC. Cap’n Jack’s new mom was there. She said she really loves him a lot. Everyone said what a nice clean shelter we have and how everyone is so helpful when they bring donations for the animals. That’s always nice to hear! Of course, I was a big hit and everyone came by to talk to me. I visited some of the other booths too, just to see if there was any food or tummy rubs!

Talk to you later!


Fulbright Elementary Visit

Today my pal Jenna and I visited with children at Fulbright Elementary in Little Rock. We talked about the shelter and why we have so many homeless animals. Most of the children had dogs and cats of their own, so I asked them what are some of the most important things that our furry friends need. These are some very smart kids and knew all the answers! Here they are: food and water, shelter, grooming, exercise, a collar with a name tag, and lots of love and attention. They did forget to mention doggie treats, but that’s okay. As you can see from my photos, I get lots of doggie treats. The kids had a collection for the shelter and gave us a whole carload of Pedigree dog food, which is just what they needed. Thanks Fulbright Elementary!!! Poor Jenna had to go back to the shelter when we were finished because she doesn’t have a home yet. Her owner moved away and left her in the back yard without any food or water. Can you believe it? A nice neighbor saw her there and brought her to us, and we gave her lots of good food so she wouldn’t be hungry anymore. She’s lots of fun to play with. I wish I could have brought her home with me.

Next week we are going to the Youth Home, and then the week after that we are going to Henderson Middle School



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