My Visit to Franklin Elementary

I had a great time today talking to all the children at Franklin Elementary School!  There was  a police dog there too, and he was a sniffer.  His job was to sniff out gasoline, and his partner did a demonstration.  He put lots of rags around, but only one had a little bit of gas on it.  Then the police dog sniffed all the rags.  When he found the rag with the gas on it, he went very still.  He wouldn’t move no matter what the officer did.  It was cool!!  When it was my turn to talk, I asked the children what other sorts of jobs dogs have.  They had some great ideas such as guide dogs and firehouse dogs.  One little girl said that dogs help soldiers in the military too.  I asked them if they watched the news about the tornado in Joplin, and if they had noticed all the dogs.  I told them that the dogs could sniff out people under all that rubble so that they could be rescued.  Then I told them the story about the little girl who was very allergic to peanuts and couldn’t leave her house or go to school because she would die if she came even close to a peanut.  She got a special dog whose job was to sniff peanuts, and he would bark and warn the little girl if there were any peanuts in the area.  Now she can go to school and go shopping because she knows her dog will protect her.  Isn’t that cool?  I bet you didn’t know we were so smart!  Here’s some pictures of me and the kids.  One of the teachers said I was gorgeous!

My next gig is at Christ the King Day Camp on June 21st.  Talk to you later!

Your friend,



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