Poor Puppies :(

Puppies getting some oxygen

My mom told me a sad story. Three puppies were brought into the shelter yesterday who had been left out in the cold. Their momma had died 3 days ago. They were so cold they were blue, so Doctor Medlock warmed them up with a heating pad and a hair dryer so they would be warm. After they got warm, they got some nice milk from a bottle and everyone thought they would be okay. But Mom told me this morning that they died. I’m so sad for those little puppies who were left out in the cold. I wish they had a nice home where they were loved and warm, like me. It’s so cold outside. Please remember to make sure your furry friends have a nice warm and dry place to live. We have feelings too! Oh, and Mom says to spay or neuter your pet so things like this don’t happen. I’m not quite sure what that means, but you can Google it.

Stay Warm!!



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