Youth Home!


Waiting for my first customer!


Visiting the nice lady at the hospice booth!

Belly rubs are the BEST!!

Today I went to the Youth Home to visit with the staff. They were having their annual Health and Wellness Fair, and this was my second visit ‘cos they liked me so much last time. There were lots of different booths there–firefighters, the Game and Fish Commission, yoga

experts, UALR–all sorts of good things to learn about. I was there with my Humane Education poster and lots of info on HSPC and how to take care of animals. There were lots of nice people who came to see me and told me that they adopted their furry friend from HSPC. Cap’n Jack’s new mom was there. She said she really loves him a lot. Everyone said what a nice clean shelter we have and how everyone is so helpful when they bring donations for the animals. That’s always nice to hear! Of course, I was a big hit and everyone came by to talk to me. I visited some of the other booths too, just to see if there was any food or tummy rubs!

Talk to you later!



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