My Little Sister

Blossom got a clean bill of health from the vet today! She is such a tiny thing, I didn’t like to think of her getting her shots and everything, but she was very brave. Blossom was rescued by the Humane Society of Pulaski County about a year ago from a hoarding situation. Hoarders aren’t always bad people. Sometimes they feel like they have to rescue every homeless animal, then they get too many to take care of. Blossom had bad teeth when HSPC found her and she had to have a lot of them removed. Her nails were very long too. She’s doing good now though! I have to protect her because she is so little. Mom says I could inhale her with one big snort!


Why Do I Get The Blame?

One of the bad things about living in a multi-dog household is that I get the blame for everything! Okay….so Mom found it between my paws, but I was just looking, honest!! And what’s the big deal? Why does everyone get so excited about these little pieces of paper with the ugly geezers on them anyway? Until it’s been foresensicated, I’m innocent until proven guilty, and it’s really Mom’s fault for leaving it where I can get it.

Mom and Dad are getting ready to take my little sister Blossom to the vet for her check-up. I’ll let you know how it went when she gets back.



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