Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Lucky Chance

Lucky Chance just sent me a text message from his toasty warm stall.  He wants me to remind everyone who owns horses to give them extra hay during these cold nights and make sure they drink enough water.  Some  horses may not drink enough and they get colic.  For those who don’t know about horse colic, it is very painful and can sometimes be deadly. And you can’t rock a colicky horse on your shoulder! 


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I want to say a special thank-you to the Humane Society of Pulaski County.  Those people saved my life!  I wish I had a million dollars and I would give it all to them so they could save more homeless animals like me. 

Mom’s got a big turkey in the oven so me and my family can have a nice dinner.  Mom says it’s okay  for us doggies to have some turkey as long as it doesn’t have any fat or gristle, and NO BONES.  Veggies are good too, but not sweeties.  And no alcohol!  I know you wouldn’t deliberately give a furry friend some alcohol, but one day Mom left a glass of wine on the table and when she came back all that was left was a few spit bubbles.  Of course, I got the blame—again!!!

I know you have a lot of visitors this time of year.  Remind them to KEEP THE DOORS CLOSED!!  Some people who don’t have pets at home don’t realize how important it is to keep us from running away.  Better still, keep us in a bedroom somewhere so we can stay out of trouble.

Talk to you later!


What Can I Say?

Mysterious footprint on the coffee table

Slightly damaged Kleenex box

The forensics aren’t back yet so I’m innocent until proven guilty.  Hey Mom, how about spending some time with the Swiffer duster now and again!!


Pet Photos with Santa!

Pet Photos with Santa!

Check this out!  Tell your people you want your photo taken with Santa this year.  I’m going!!  The proceeds go to help all my friends at the Humane Society of Pulaski County, and you get some great photos of your best friend.  You can even have Christmas cards made.  How cool is that?  See you Sunday afternoon at Just Dogs Gourmet on the Promenade at Chenal.  Be there or be square!!

How cute am I?


My Brother Trevor

My brother Trevor


Today was a very sad day. My brother Trevor died this morning. He had been ill for quite a long time and was on lots of medicine and even had to have a shot twice a day. Mom and Dad really loved him a lot. They have lots of good friends who understand what it’s like to lose a furry member of the family. Some people aren’t so lucky to have good friends like that and are made fun of when they cry. It’s okay to feel sad and take time off work if you have to. Furry family friends are very special and can’t just be replaced like an old car or something. I miss Trevor. He was a good boy.

Henderson Middle School

Just Chillin'

Mom was invited to Henderson Middle School in Little Rock last night to see a presentation that was put together by students involved in the East (Environmental and Spacial Technology) Initiative.  This is a nonprofit organization that provides new ways of learning for modern students, and they do wonderful things for the community.  They help with blood drives, provide baby items for Promise House, socks for patients in the VA, clothes for the homeless, etc.  They are also helping the Humane Society of Pulaski County by having a blanket drive and collecting Pedigree dog food.  Mom said they were a great bunch of kids and asked her lots of questions about HSPC, and lots of them wanted to know about volunteering at the shelter.  They got very excited when they found out we have horses for adoption too!  Check out this link and find out more about the EAST project and all the wonderful things that they do!!

Reigning Cats and Dogs Tonight!

A bed big enough for me to sleep in!

Original Painting by Little Rock Artist John Deering

Lots of goodies up for bids

Baby Grand Piano worth $13,000!

HSPC volunteers are busy setting up items for the Reigning Cats and Dogs silent auction at the Doubletree Hotel!  It starts at 7pm tonight so be sure and stop by.  Everything looks so pretty and Christmassy, and best of all, all the proceeds go to help the homeless animals.  There will be some adoptables there from the shelter too.  Come and get an early start on your Christmas shopping and meet lots of people who care about animals.  You may meet your new furry best friend!

FURR Yard Sale Today

Check out this cool candle!

Dad bought Mom this cool candle at the FURR (Feline Urban Rescue and Rehome) yard sale yesterday ‘cos he said it looked just like her.  Now Dad’s in the dog house!

Youth Home!


Waiting for my first customer!


Visiting the nice lady at the hospice booth!

Belly rubs are the BEST!!

Today I went to the Youth Home to visit with the staff. They were having their annual Health and Wellness Fair, and this was my second visit ‘cos they liked me so much last time. There were lots of different booths there–firefighters, the Game and Fish Commission, yoga

experts, UALR–all sorts of good things to learn about. I was there with my Humane Education poster and lots of info on HSPC and how to take care of animals. There were lots of nice people who came to see me and told me that they adopted their furry friend from HSPC. Cap’n Jack’s new mom was there. She said she really loves him a lot. Everyone said what a nice clean shelter we have and how everyone is so helpful when they bring donations for the animals. That’s always nice to hear! Of course, I was a big hit and everyone came by to talk to me. I visited some of the other booths too, just to see if there was any food or tummy rubs!

Talk to you later!


My Little Sister

Blossom got a clean bill of health from the vet today! She is such a tiny thing, I didn’t like to think of her getting her shots and everything, but she was very brave. Blossom was rescued by the Humane Society of Pulaski County about a year ago from a hoarding situation. Hoarders aren’t always bad people. Sometimes they feel like they have to rescue every homeless animal, then they get too many to take care of. Blossom had bad teeth when HSPC found her and she had to have a lot of them removed. Her nails were very long too. She’s doing good now though! I have to protect her because she is so little. Mom says I could inhale her with one big snort!

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