Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe on Halloween

I know that a lot of dogs love to dress up for Halloween. Me? Not so much. I’m more interested in all the extra goodies that appear at my house around this time of year. Unfortunately, human treats are not usually good for us dogs! Candy – especially chocolate – can be extremely toxic to us. Artificially sweetened candy, gum and other goodies may also contain xylitol, a highly toxic substance. We may also ingest food wrappers, causing a risk of choking, upset stomach or tummy blockage. Various party snacks can be too salty and may contain ingredients that can poison us. Alcoholic beverages and dogs do not mix – they pose a significant risk of severe illness or even death! Keep all of these “human goodies” far out of our reach. If you are not positive that you can keep us away from these hazards, then consider confining us to another area of your home during the festivities, such as a nice, comfy bedroom. Keeping appropriate dog treats around for us can be a great idea, but remember not to overfeed. Sliced carrots or apples (hold the caramel) can be tasty and healthy snack alternatives for people and dogs alike! And watch those costumes. We like to eat them!


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