Fulbright Elementary Visit

Today my pal Jenna and I visited with children at Fulbright Elementary in Little Rock. We talked about the shelter and why we have so many homeless animals. Most of the children had dogs and cats of their own, so I asked them what are some of the most important things that our furry friends need. These are some very smart kids and knew all the answers! Here they are: food and water, shelter, grooming, exercise, a collar with a name tag, and lots of love and attention. They did forget to mention doggie treats, but that’s okay. As you can see from my photos, I get lots of doggie treats. The kids had a collection for the shelter and gave us a whole carload of Pedigree dog food, which is just what they needed. Thanks Fulbright Elementary!!! Poor Jenna had to go back to the shelter when we were finished because she doesn’t have a home yet. Her owner moved away and left her in the back yard without any food or water. Can you believe it? A nice neighbor saw her there and brought her to us, and we gave her lots of good food so she wouldn’t be hungry anymore. She’s lots of fun to play with. I wish I could have brought her home with me.

Next week we are going to the Youth Home, and then the week after that we are going to Henderson Middle School




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